Comprehensive investment strategy to help people create a better financial future

Who we are

Virtute Fortuna Funds (“VFF”) are operationally focused, value oriented private investment funds dedicated to achieving exceptional long-term returns for our investors. Virtute Fortuna Funds (“VFF”) are based in the Cayman Islands and focus primarily on controlled-oriented investments in cash flow generating businesses all over the world. The funds invest in companies with valuable and often unique assets that can bring strong stable cash flow to our investors. Our approach to investment is based on capital preservation and risk mitigation, in order to provide ours investors with medium to longer term returns.

While we are open to investments in various sectors or industries, our investments currently focus on growing sectors in hospitality, energy, telecom, and aviation. These are sectors where we have considerable know-how and full understanding. Virtute Fortuna Funds are Segregated Portfolio Companies with several sub-funds which are fully segregated and independent in order to preserve each investor’ss assets and liabilities.

Core Values

Transparency - We believe in sharing information, aligning ourselves with our investors and companies, and truly partnering and empowering management teams.

Integrity - We conduct ourselves with integrity in everything we do. Our reputation as individuals and as a firm is essential. We are fully committed to making companies better.

Relationship-Driven - People do business with people they like and trust. We are deeply committed to building and sustaining long-term internal and external partnerships, grounded in trust and transparency.

Excellence - We aspire to be the best at what we do and to lead by example. We set high personal and company standards, and then consistently try to exceed them.

Value Proposition

Vision - Creating, managing and sharing wealth through building a wealth management business that is valued by clients as their most important asset; contribute to the growth and development of the industry and the impact it has on other professionals and the people it serves, build a trusted and respected name, and become viewed by friends and family as a source of pride.

Mission Statement - Manage client investment portfolios with the utmost precision, applying strategies to tactfully increase client wealth while employing measures to safeguard and preserve client’s existing assets

Management Services


The Directors are selected and engaged for the governance of each fund. Our policy is to engage at least one Director who is an expert in the sector and one Director in the Cayman Islands to ensure the fund operates according to Cayman Islands regulations and documents are filed on time and correctly.

Fund Advisors

Each Fund Advisor is selected very carefully and engaged to provide expert advice regarding investment opportunities. In many instances we will appoint the same Advisor as a Director to the Fund to ensure consistency in the decision making process.

Independent Opinion

The Investment Manager, if not convinced with the advice of the fund Advisor, shall look to engage independent experts to authenticate any data, which is not clearly in alignment with the investment strategy.

Government Assistance

There are many risk factors that run high in emerging markets, however, it is the Manager’s strategy to engage the government in becoming a strategic partner to ensure that high profile projects do not become bogged down with obstacles that are slow to move beyond creating delays and making projects financially risky.


Virtute Fortuna Funds currently manages three active funds including Energy, Hospitality, and Telecom. VFF is currently pursuing development projects expressing high value within Aviation. The Aviation Fund will be active during the 3rd quarter of 20116.


Virtute Fortuna Aviation Fund SPC is a diverse investment fund focused on two investment strategies. The first strategy is to capitalise on the rapidly developing Corporate Aviation sector. Through our experienced team and their network of industry specialists the fund’s objective is to develop a blue chip portfolio of aviation related assets and clients reflecting a truly global identity.

The secondary focus will be on the Commercial Aviation sector in assisting airlines with their growth and development aspirations, alongside investing in aviation related infrastructure such as airports and associated developments. A particular emphasis within this strategy will be to focus on new and emerging markets and working with local authorities to unlock and harness unrealised potential. The Aviation Fund will work in close collaboration with the other funds within the Virtute Fortuna Group to deliver group solutions, thereby maximising both control and success.


Virtute Fortuna Hospitality Fund SPC is a diverse investment fund focused on three investment strategies. The first strategy is to work with asset managers seeking to divest in non performing hotel real estate, which have fallen outside the asset manager’s portfolio strategy. The Fund’s intent is to purchase such hotel assets; reposition and secure a new brand and completely renovate the hotel to meet the new hotel brand standards. Secondly, the Fund is seeking emerging markets in which to deploy its hospitality technologies strategy and enhance mature markets with new technology efficiencies. Lastly, identify real estate opportunities in locations suitable for its destination club strategy to build out its 5-Star lifestyle destination club coupled with creating a new technology platform for the ability to exchange such inventory with other 5-Star destination clubs or vacation ownership brands like Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons and Banyan Tree..


Virtute Fortuna Energy Fund SPC is an Energy Financial Fund to provide power generation sources to emerging markets and various international cities around the world by employing both traditional and new green energy solutions, implementation of technological services, and funding of research and development projects in the future of energy solutions.

The Fund mainly focus on green energy sources and also on new technologies able to deliver sustainable solutions in the field of energy production for the future generations. Particularly, we believe that natural gas is an increasingly important part of the global energy supply picture and has a significant role to play in achieving domestic energy independence. In addition, when natural gas is used as a fuel, it emits less greenhouse gases and other air emissions than many other sources of energy.


Virtute Fortuna Telecom Fund focus on the design, construction, maintenance and operation of telecom projects, as well the acquisition of existing assets and technology needed to accomplish the desired outcome. The Fund will also execute the sale, lease, financing, refinancing, and/ or franchising of telecom related assets to promote additional opportunities of growth for qualified investors. Research and Development is core to continual improvement in technology and advancement in industry as it is apart of the main strategies synergized within the projects selected within the Fund structure.

Virtute Fortuna Funds currently manages three active funds including Energy, Hospitality, and Telecom. VFF is currently pursuing development projects expressing high value within Aviation, Entertainment, Exploration, Manufacturing, Materials, Science, and Clean Water. These funds will be launched once the projects have been strategically finalized. Updates will be available soon.